BrainCare Nashville is a medical practice focused on recovery after a brain injury after concussion, moderate to severe traumatic brain injury, stroke, MS, Parkinson's Disease and non traumatic brain injury such as intracranial bleeding, anoxia, surgery.

. Dr. Sravani Mehta helps patients to recuperate from injury or disease to enjoy a higher quality of life.

If you or a family member is debilitated by a concussion, stroke, traumatic brain injury or a neurologic condition such as multiple sclerosis, cerebral palsy or Parkinson’s disease, a physiatrist can help. Particularly following a hospitalization, it can be difficult to transition back to everyday life. A physiatrist is a medical physician who focuses on maximizing your recovery potential following an injury of any kind. Our expertise, however, covers much more than your physical health. We treat your physical conditions and disabilities in the context of the other important areas of life, such as social, vocational and emotional well-being. No matter which problem you are experiencing, the focus is to reduce the impairment and return to enjoying the most rewarding life experiences possible.

For teenagers to older adults who are experiencing functional problems such as restricted mobility, communication deficits or other impairments caused by a neurological condition... The treating physician, Dr.Sravani V.A. Mehta, is a specialist in the field of physical medicine & rehabilitation, also known as physiatrist, treat patients with a combination of evidence-based therapeutic modalities with a focus on restorative therapies and assistive technology. Dr.Mehta is also an expert in brain injury medicine.

Insurance: Currently only working with Medicare & self-pay

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