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Aging Gracefully

Are you feeling less energetic as you age? Do you worry about major health problems and surgeries down the line? Maybe you have some hereditary traits that make you prone to cancer, diabetes, hypertension, or heart disease. Please continue reading for valuable scientific information on the easy steps that anyone can take to avoid the toll of years.

Books like The Long and the Short of It: The Science of Life Span and Aging by Jonathan Silverton teach us a lot about what factors are beyond our control and within reach. Scientists agree that we have two different ages. The first age is immutable. No matter what you do, your chronological age (years from your birth) remains the same. However, when it comes to physical age, you can improve your lifestyle choices to look and feel decades younger. Most of these choices revolve around your fitness, dietary choices, mindset, and overall activity level.

The science of aging teaches us about the molecular processes of aging. We age at a molecular level when we accumulate senile cells in our bodies due to mitosis failures. Mitosis is the process of cell splitting. The average human body completes 10 quadrillion cell divisions over a lifetime. This number is incomprehensible but can be put in perspective when you consider that even your blood cells divide 2 million times per second. Imagine the population of China combining with the population of India every second in your body to get an idea of how rapidly cells are transforming.

Because aging occurs when mitosis stops and a cell stops dividing and starts to become old and dysfunctional, scientists imagine that we could reverse cellular aging altogether if we could stimulate these aging cells to split one more time and refresh themselves. This process is like taking an elderly person's original personality and transferring it into a fresh new body.

If the cells split more than once, they would become carcinogenic as mutations occurred after too many divisions. Herein lies the problem. Rejuvenating cellular mitosis runs the risk of creating cancers in the body if they keep on splitting. And this has a lot to do with telomerase. Telomerase is an enzyme that works to extend the length of DNA strands once they are copied during mitosis.

The telomerase adds junk data to the end of the DNA that is not important for any functional purpose of the cell. Its purpose is to merely protect the chromosomes by acting like protective caps at the end called telomeres. Think of the telomeres like big bumpers at the ends of a classic car. Like modern automobiles, the bumpers keep shrinking at every cell division until any little collision incurs severe damage.

As cells split, less and less of this junk telomere data is transcribed to the ends (bumpers). The cells can no longer split once the telomeres get short enough. And once those cells stop splitting, they become unable to produce hormones, contract muscle tissue, or produce other substances like collagen. This is why collagen production slows down as your age.

However, senile cells are just part of the problem. The other side of the equation is the toxins in your body. As you age, your arteries start to build up plaque. This plaque is from both bad cholesterol and glucose (blood sugar). In short, your arteries get clogged up with junk that is difficult to remove.

The glucose does the most damage as demonstrated when this process of glycation (plaque buildup from glucose) is accelerated in diabetics. People who develop diabetes significantly reduce their lifespans by as much as 50 percent. The glycation damages organs, arteries, and increases the risks of death. It is no wonder why people with Type-1 diabetes are traveling to Canada to dodge the high prices of insulin in the USA.

Yet, diabetes is the result of aging and cellular senescence in most people. By living unhealthy lifestyles, they put stress on their pancreas and other organs. The result is insulin-resistance and failure. You don't want to work in bad workplace conditions and neither do your cells.

Other problems are diseases and viruses that progressively damage and destroy tissue. HIV is the perfect example. This retrovirus destroys T-cells in the immune system and hijacks them to mass replicate copies of the virus.

Yet, this lentivirus is very sneaky because it has learned not to kill its host off too quickly. So, it lies dormant for long periods of time to spread and replicate itself in others. Yet, this same retrovirus can be used as a tool to potentially splice in genes and turn on the mitosis process.

Nevertheless, there are other types of genetic diseases and defects that simply become more prominent over time, which would require a lot of retrovirus gene writing to cure. And a retrovirus does just that, it can alter the DNA of the host and can be manipulated to alter it in a good way if science continues to improve. In other words, viruses like HIV can be used to reverse aging and genetic disorders because it alters this fundamental DNA code in cells.

And for some strange reason, our lifestyles affect our genetics to an extreme degree. Women who put off pregnancy, often live longer and have a lower physical age. This could be a natural response of their body staying healthy to attract a partner and to ensure the well-being of the fetus and child as it develops. Or it may just be that childbirth and kids can take a serious stress toll on the body.

Nonetheless, it is this sensitivity to environmental factors and lifestyle choices that provides us with confidence to recommend the following secrets to combat aging. Please read these tips and start living life like you really can be young forever.

Eat Whole Organic Foods

Organizations like the Weston Price Foundation have studied the health of Aboriginal people in developing worlds and compared them to modern Americans. The studies demonstrate that they maintain a higher level of physical health without following any of our Western dietary fads. They eat saturated fats, red meats, and whole milk. The oversized portions and processed foods in the United States may be more harmful than we think.

If we can go back to a more primitive understanding of foods like these primitive natives, we may find that all our dietary engineering is taking us backwards. Simply eating whole grains, nuts, unprocessed meats and seafood, and avoiding the sugar-saturated cocktails pushed on us at every turn may be enough to bring out our best genetic traits. Or it may just make us look health conscience without any results if we overconsume even these healthy foods.

And when our genetic environment is natural and free of the toxins that poison our bodies, the cells are likely to keep going through mitosis as they normally do without becoming senile so quickly. It is a failed enzyme process that causes cells to become senile. And we can create many situations to trigger this procedural impairment by seriously neglecting our health. Bathing our enzyme-producing cells in toxins sure doesn't sound healthy.

Exercise Regularly

A lot of work in the United States is service related. This means that we do not have many opportunities to maintain a natural activity level. Even if you are casually roaming around the office or turning wrenches in a car repair shop, you are not building up your heart rate or pushing yourself to the peak of athleticism like wild natives once did.

Imagine if you had to chase down your food every day or run from lions. Because we are no longer very skilled at hunting with primitive tools or breaking our backs to tend to vast farmlands, we have grown soft. Yet, a gym may not be the best place to get a workout because there is a certain level of sensory deprivation.

The gym does not provide us with refreshing scenery and a constantly changing scope of activities to really develop our balancing muscles. It is all on flat terrain and becomes even more mundane when you start to use exercise machines. These machines use our major muscle groups and do not produce the same results as an organic workout of manual hard labor.

Therefore, hiking and other outdoor sports may be the best fitness for us. If you can go rock climbing, hiking, and finish off with a swim in the ocean or lake, this is a real total-body workout.

Although your body benefits from even a half hour of brisk walking each day, life is short. You have to seize the day and improve yourself by being all that you can be. While a gym may be useful in helping you achieve those goals, if you change up your workout enough, most people get bored quickly.

There is no substitute for regular intense exercise. Swimming is one of the best activities because it is a total-body workout that features natural progressions of resistance. This makes it perfect for people of all ages.

Because it relieves joint stress, even people with arthritis or injuries can rehabilitate in a pool. Most people avoid using their injured body parts altogether. This often causes the muscles to atrophy and the inflammation to build up into chronic pain.

If you lived in primitive times, you would not have this luxury. You'd be forced to earn your keep by hunting in the wild or starving to death. The modern American does not push themselves when they are injured and wind up deteriorating instead of healing. Although physical therapy helps patients recover, it is only when they have the mindset to overcome the injuries.


Research shows that senior citizens become lonely in their old age. Because many are isolated and too sick to go out, they start to deteriorate at a psychological and physical level. When you have no reason to take care of yourself, your will to live starts to fade away. This is a very sad reality for many seniors today who are living longer thanks to medical advances of living a diminished quality of life.

It is important for humans to feel loved. We need that intimate human connection to others through both socialization and physical contact. When we are young, we feel loved. We are not worried about anything because our parents take care of all our needs. There are endless opportunities to socialize with friends and family.

As we age, life becomes more serious, and we lose that child-like wonder. Things don't excite us as much as they did before. Everything seems mundane and does not stimulate our interest without intoxicating ourselves in some manner. Our needs progressively desire more and more physical contact and affection as our hormone levels start to increase.

Yet, when we get older and those hormone levels drop back down again, we may feel more introverted. We don't have those youthful lusts to drive us out to that big party. In fact, we start to seek more abstract and intellectual value in our lives as we age.

You have probably heard the expression that "it's the thought that counts." Well, as we age, our perception of things becomes a lot more valuable than what something intrinsically is. We realize that no matter what we buy, it does not buy us happiness for long because our excited perspective soon wears off when we have to pay the bills and maintain those possessions.

In ancient times, the elders accumulated higher status as they aged. They carried the secrets and wisdom of the tribe and were taken care of in their old age. Nowadays, many elders are being sent to cold and clinical nursing homes where they are pumped full of drugs that can make them apathetic and mindless.

Yet, you will still find large families in developing countries where the grandparents and great grandparents live with the whole family in one big house. This type of family unity is a blessing for elders who've raised many children. They always have someone to care for them and to give new perspectives. And adding fresh perspective is what keeps life interesting as you age.

Stop Smoking and Taking Drugs

Smoking is one of those substances that noticeably speeds up aging. You can see crows feet forming around the eyes of girls who are just 16 years old because they smoke. The smoke reduces oxygen to the skin and organs. In fact, they advise that patients cease smoking for a period of time before and after surgery to reduce the risks of healing complications and infections.

Smoking has almost no positive benefits. When people start smoking, the intoxication of nicotine offers a fresh perspective and feeling. New smokers feel calm and relaxed throughout their entire bodies with just a few puffs. Not only does smoking refresh your perspective and make things interesting, but it also stimulates the pleasure centers of your brain.

However, once you start smoking habitually, you will notice that your perspective doesn't improve a whole lot anymore. Things don't seem so exciting. You simply feel less of the "negative withdrawal perspective" of listlessness and boredom. This is because your brain reduces its own natural dopamine production to balance out the stimulation of the nicotine. In other words, if you are already getting your fix from somewhere else, your brain will stop making you its own homemade drugs to keep you feeling good.

While this may give you some control over your ups and downs, it is a flat high that is not as rich and interesting as your own homemade neurotransmitters (drugs). Therefore, you don't experience the same type of wonder for nature and nuanced things. It is all black and white, up and down, in your picture and perspective.

When you consider that nicotine is a neurotoxin and that one teaspoon of pure nicotine can be fatal, it is definitely not worth the risks to your health. Most people are simply missing some information. They don't see the long-term damage and think that they will quit when it no longer fits their lifestyle choice.

Perhaps smoking helps them eat a little less now. Maybe there are times when they still feel that original fascination that keeps them hooked on it as a pick-me-up. For many, it becomes an oral fixation and security blanket built upon a subconscious and mechanical association of pleasure reward mechanisms. In other words, if smoking once made you feel good and keeps you going, your body will mechanically use it as a crutch.

Yet, it causes dry mouth and accelerates the production of bacteria in your mouth. This bacteria, in turn, speeds up tooth decay. And that is without even considering all the harmful carcinogenic effects, tar buildup, and damage to the fine air sacs in the lungs. The collateral effect is a disinterest in physical activities and a loss of competitive strength.

And all drugs work on a similar mechanism to destroy health. Your brain stops producing its own homemade chemicals, and the drugs become a crutch. Some drugs are more deadly than others but all will eventually destroy your health.

Take Nutritional Supplements

Scientists have figured out what our bodies need to function at an optimal level. When you take nutritional supplements, you create an ideal internal environment for all those important cellular and genetic functions to go off as planned. This reduces the impact of aging and wards off diseases. Vitamins are a good defense to aging.

Yet, for many, they take a broad-spectrum multivitamin and think that is the end of the matter. However, the American diet is not lacking in basic vitamins. You will get most of these vitamins through the ordinary course of the day. Therefore, it is important to be tested for vitamin deficiencies to determine which specific vitamins that you may be lacking. This is one critical secret to aging well.

In fact, the vitamins and minerals that Americans lack the most are the ones that are toxic if they are overconsumed. Vitamin A, C, D, and E are all vitamins that we simply don't get enough of on average. Vitamin D is particularly hard to maintain if we don't get enough sun exposure.

Vitamin D is naturally created by our own bodies when we get enough sunlight exposure. But because we are constantly being warned about the carcinogenic effects and cellular damage from the sun, we tend to avoid it. Other Americans live in cold climates or rainy climates, which inherently reduces their sun exposure. This problem is why many people drink Sunny-D.

We also don't get enough calcium. It turns out that it is hard for our body to absorb calcium. Some people have turned to coral calcium as an alternative. Nevertheless, the dark side of taking too much calcium is kidney stones. You can develop kidney stones if you take too much. For this reason, you have to dial in the perfect volume and try to obtain calcium by a diet that is as natural as possible.

Omega 3 & 6 fatty acids are another supplement that everyone should be taking. This supplement noticeably improves brain function and intellectual acuity without any negative effects. It can also help lower blood pressure and bad LDL cholesterol levels. You simply can't get enough of it in fish because the fish contains mercury and other toxins.

CBD (cannabidiol) is a new supplement that is becoming all the rage on the market, and for good reason. It turns out that we have a cannabidiol system in our bodies that uses endocannabinoids much like those found in the hemp plant. Using CBD regularly can help to reduce inflammation in the body and to calm down those overactive nerves.

The overall health benefits of hemp are amazing. This compound can make you look and feel younger because you have CBD receptors all over your body that may be understimulated. When you considered how overstimulated our bodies are by other substances, it is nice to have something to balance it out. Taking CBD to dial down hyperactive cells can extend their lifespans.

Niacin is another powerful vitamin to take. This B3 vitamin works to open up clogged capillaries when you take the kind that causes flushing. By opening up these narrow capillaries, your body has the chance to take out the garbage. It can flush all those built up cellular toxins and wastes to the kidneys and liver instead of letting it stew like some overfilled sesspool.

Niacin is also associated with lower blood pressure and lower cholesterol levels. This important vitamin plays a critical role in the absorptions of other vitamins. Many health disorders can be traced to even a mild Niacin deficiency.

The B-complex is altogether an excellent supplement for the body. Taking B-12 is another must for people who feel like they are getting tired as they age. Vitamin B-12 can naturally rev up your metabolism and weight loss without any negative side-effects. Although there is the chance of taking too much and feeling agitated and experiencing insomnia, taking CBD and Niacin can usually balance this out.

Dandelion leaf is another natural supplement that every American should be taking. Dandelion leaf is a natural diuretic that helps you remove all the salt secretly loaded into processed foods. And it does not force blood to your kidneys like caffeine.

A lot of bloating from water-retention can be mistaken for fats. For this reason, taking dandelion leaf can make you look slimmer overnight. The dandelion leaf should not be confused with dandelion root, however, which has other properties to help your liver and organs flush out toxins. Dandelion leaf can also lower hypertension.

Keep a Positive Perspective

At the end of the day, life is what you make of it. No matter how rich or successful you may be in life, this is all meaningless if you are too serious. You have to lighten up by focusing on your blessings every day instead of all the little things that bother you.

You don't know how lucky you really are to be living in a developed nation full of conveniences and standards. In developing countries, the sanitation and safety standards are often lacking. The people are also lacking ambition and ego to excel in life.

And if you want to keep a positive perspective, you may want to travel and see for yourself what life is like elsewhere. If you like it better elsewhere, you may want to stay. You may find that everything has its trade-offs, its pro and cons.

And that is how everything in life is. "Every rose has its thorn," they say. Therefore, finding that ideal balance is usually what it is about. Figuring out what works best for you and what type of life you want to live is the true question.

If you sit down and think about what really makes you happy in life, it is probably not all the things that people strive for such as money, power, and status. It is probably the things that come naturally, health, happiness, friends, and a general sense of well-being.

Because perspective in life is so important, dedicating your time to the fruitless pursuits of philosophical happiness and self-worth is never proper. These things are idols. They symbolize something philosophical but do not have any intrinsic value in your life.

In fact, you will probably find that you are happier with these things in moderation. And you will likely find that you are truly happy when you have the common things. If you have acceptance from others, self-respect, and the love of people who care about you as a person and not the things that you own so much.

Get Plenty of Sleep

In order to enjoy your life, you need to have some yin and yang. This means that you should be sleeping very well during the night to ensure that your body is able to function at its peak capacity during the daylight hours.

This can be hard for third shift workers and night owls who like to engage in mischief and work at night. The night is not a good time for you to be up and around because the lower levels of light will increase your melatonin levels.

And if you try to sleep in the day, you will find that the rest is not as deep. Melatonin production decreases unless you sleep in a basement where no light enters. Relaxing your nerves and letting your subconscious mind clean up all the loose ends during your dream phase is the only way to make the most out of each day.

As we age, we can commit ourselves to difficult time schedules that require us to be in two places at once. The result is pushing our bodies beyond their natural limits and increasing psychological and physical stress. Going to bed in this state of mental and physical exhaustion does not send us into a deep sleep if we are combatting the worries and anxieties of the next day.

Avoiding chemical sleep aids is also an important part of staying healthy. If you want to reward your body, you can't punish it at the same time by sending your liver a dose of toxins to process. Natural sleep aids like Niacin and CBD can help you get a good night's rest without any of the toxicity.

Avoid the Cities

If you want to live a truly full and happy life, you have to get out of the cityscape. The anxieties of the city include information overload, air pollution, and frustrating obstacles such as traffic jams. You also lack privacy and may feel more vulnerable in the city because the cities attract more vagrants and criminals.

When you escape to the wild, you can enjoy the treasures of Mother Nature. This makes life interesting and helps you to feel some inner harmony and tranquility. You will feel your stress levels drop the instant that you enter a beautiful scenic area. This is because you don't have to be worrying about unexpected dangers like you would in the city, and also because you are not being poisoned with information overload and noise pollution.

In fact, when the Bubonic Plague had become an epidemic, it was the cities that were affected by it. There is the potential for all sorts of negative consequences when you cram too many people together. They start to become agitated, hypercritical of each other, paranoid, hostile, and opportunistic.

The rural life is always more laid back and interesting. You will see more of the bountiful flora and fauna in the United States when you travel outdoors. And there is plenty of room for farming, hiking, and other explorations that can keep you healthy well into your old age.

It is also easier to host a variety of friends and family when you have the space outdoors. Being closer to nature is the greatest gift to humanity. Nature is a lot like us. We all share the same basic building blocks of DNA and are united in everything.

The fresh air, the cool breezes, and the hospitality of people who live in scenic areas is always an improvement on the city life of hustlers. In fact, the entire vibe of a city is commercial nihilism. This can make people feel belittled, alienated, and like vanity before large corporations and their armed police forces in the metropolitan areas.

The lack of privacy is one of the biggest problems. People in the city are paranoid and, therefore, have little to look forward to in adventuring and meeting new people. When people are in fight-or-flight mode and walking around a big city, they don't want to talk to strangers.

Travel Frequently

If you want to get the most out of life, you have to travel frequently. New Orleans may be a hotspot during Mardi Gras but can otherwise be pretty boring. The truth is that there is no great place to be all the time. Everything is very situational.

You have to be in the right places at the right time to get the most out of life. And when you are constantly diversifying your environment, the more likely you are to experience wondrous events that you never thought possible.

It is only when you travel and open up the door that your dreams can become reality. You can never be satisfied in one place and shouldn't be. Having the power to travel and making the most of each experience is what life is all about.

Instead of donating money through a bureaucratic charity, you can find people in need all over the world who need real charity help from you. You have the potential to see the full results of your benevolence. And this can make you satisfied with life, no matter what other shortcomings you may have.

Being able to help others and to change their lives is truly gratifying. This also allows you to be grateful for how fortunate you are in life and makes you want to live longer. Traveling is one of the things that is recommended by researchers to prevent mental deterioration as we age.

Learn a Musical Instrument

The types of memories that we have when we age become more crystalized information. We may not be as sharp at solving new problems but can recall historic knowledge quickly and accurately. If you want to ward off the effects of mental aging, you need to keep challenging yourself with things like learning how to play musical instruments.


By following all these tips, you will see your physical age drop quickly. Life is too short to let things not roll by without having an existential attitude in life. Although many things may be beyond your control, there are a lot of things that you can work at and improve upon. Start the changes today and see how healthy and happy you can be by trying to stay young forever.

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