FAQs About Spasticity

Spasticity is a condition in which a person’s muscles are constantly contracted or contracting, which affects their ability to perform normal movements. The condition can severely affect their ability to everyday activities and can cause muscle pain and fatigue among other symptoms. Below are covered some of the most asked questions about spasticity, but you can learn more by reaching out directly to Dr. Sravani Mehta of BrainCare ( Brain Injury and Stroke Rehab) in Franklin, TN.

What Causes Spasticity?

For your muscles to move properly and in response to your brain’s directions there are a number of signals that must be transmitted from one to the other. These signals travel from the brain through nerves in the spinal cord and to muscles, so any injury or disease that causes damage to these points in the signal path could lead to spasticity or similar disorders.

Besides trauma to the brain or spinal cord, spasticity can also be brought on as a result of conditions like cerebral palsy, multiple sclerosis, or a stroke.

What Are the Symptoms?

Because spasticity affects the muscles, forcing them to contract and unable to relax, the symptoms include muscle stiffness, muscle spasms, and muscle fatigue. Discomfort and pain are also common with spasticity, it can also affect muscle growth and lead to joint and muscle deformities.

When to Seek Treatment?

It’s very important to seek treatment for spasticity for anyone first experiencing symptoms, or if episodes are worsening or becoming more painful or more frequent.

Spasticity Treatment in Franklin, TN

When treating spasticity, the goals of the treatment are to increase comfort, mobility, and independence in the patient which is often accomplished with physical and occupational therapy. Medication and casts and braces are also usually part of treatment plans, and surgery is recommended only when non-invasive options have not helped manage the symptoms. Dr. Mehta is a physiatrist who specializes in Brain Injury Medicine and provides a wide range of brain injury and stroke rehabilitation services, particularly in rehabilitative interventions such as physical medicine, and injections.

If you are searching for spasticity treatment in or near the Franklin, TN, area, you can schedule a consultation with Dr. Mehta of BrainCare ( Brain Injury and Stroke Rehab) by dialing (615) 450-6758.