Signs of a Concussion

A concussion is a serious brain injury. If you have suffered from a concussion, or if you think you may have, Dr. Sravani Mehta and her team at Brain Care (Brain Injury and Stroke Rehab) in Franklin, TN offer evaluation, treatment for brain injury, and stroke rehab.

You may think you have a hard head, so when your head hits something you may consider it no big deal. It is a big deal, the results of a concussion can be serious, even fatal. More and more athletes are admitting to the lifelong consequences of concussions. But you don’t need to take a direct hit to your head to suffer a concussion, it can result from whiplash or other activities. Knowing the signs to look for after an injury is important.


Headaches related to a conclusion usually begin within a week or two of the event. Migraine headaches are common after a concussion and can linger for months afterward. Talk to Dr. Mehta if they are disrupting your life and not responding to OTC medication. Be sure to let your doctor know what you are taking.

Loss of Memory

It is common to have trouble remembering the events that took place immediately before and after the injury occurred. Depending on how serious the injury is to the brain, memory loss can be permanent. You may also forget the names of people you have met before, find yourself losing your keys, and not remember conversations you had only minutes ago.

Nausea or Vomiting

If you have nausea or are vomiting after a head injury, it is a clear sign that you have a concussion, and you should get medical help as soon as possible.

Disturbances to Vision

Most visual disturbances happen within a week or two of a head injury. It is not uncommon to have a concussion with blurry or double vision symptoms. If it has not cleared within the first couple of weeks, you need to get additional help.

Dizziness or Loss of Balance

Dizziness or loss of balance after a concussion is often the result of damage to the vestibular system caused by the head injury. The vestibular system is highly sensitive to movement and head injury is usually a violent movement.

Contact Dr. Mehta at Brain Care (Brain Injury and Stroke Rehab) for concussion care in Franklin, TN if you have any of these signs after a head injury.  We can be reached on the phone at (615) 450-6758 or through our website.