What Are 5 Signs of a Concussion?

If you are concerned that you might have a concussion and live in Franklin, TN, then Dr. Sravani Mehta and her team at Brain Care (Brain Injury and Stroke Rehab) are available to help identify, diagnose and treat you. Dr. Mehta is a physiatrist who specializes in Brain Injury Medicine, particularly in rehabilitative interventions such as physical medicine, and injections.

What Is a Concussion?

A concussion is a type of traumatic brain injury (TBI) that is not usually life-threatening but should be taken seriously. A concussion usually results from a blow or bump to the head that causes the head and brain to snap back and forth very quickly.

Repeated concussions like those athletes who play contact sports sometimes get should be taken seriously as they can have negative long-term consequences.

Signs and Symptoms of a Concussion

Dr. Mehta at Brain Care (Brain Injury and Stroke Rehab), serving Franklin, TN residents suffering from concussions and other brain injuries, wants you to take note of the following if you or a family member has recently received a blow to the head.

  • Is the injured person dizzy or “seeing stars”? Are they unsteady on their feet?
  • Are they experiencing nausea or vomiting?
  • Do they have a headache or feel pressure in the head?
  • Are they confused or struggling to cope with light or noise?
  • Was there a loss of consciousness at the time of the trauma? Do they now feel groggy, hazy, or sluggish?

Symptoms of a concussion might occur soon after the injury or several hours or even days later, which is why the patient should be carefully observed if there was a blow to the head. A patient suffering from a concussion may be experiencing one or more of these symptoms. Sometimes, the patient may undergo minor personality and behavioral changes.

Treating a Concussion

Your healthcare provider will first examine you to assess whether you have a concussion. In some instances, they may require further scans and tests to establish a definitive diagnosis or to determine whether there have been more severe long-term consequences from having a concussion.

The baseline treatment protocol for concussions is mental and physical rest and analgesic medications to relieve any headaches or other pain-related symptoms you may be experiencing. Newer medical trends suggest utilizing targeted therapies for the brain to help you on the road to recovery. You should recover from a concussion a few days afterward; if not, you should seek further medical attention.

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