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Sravani Mehta, MD

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Pre-Hab for Stroke

Our brain is constantly working to route the nerve connections to meet our daily demands. 

After a stroke, recovery begins immediately. 

The brain reconnects nerves to recover the ability to move, speak, and think. 

In fact, the recovery potential can be greater months after injury. 

Pre-hab for stroke

Is what we can do before an injury occurs to help prepare for and to speed up recovery in the event of an injury to the brain. 

Routine body movements hold the key to a healthier brain and a healthier brain recovers faster from any kind of injury. 

In my years of experience of rehabilitating patients after a stroke, I have always taken notice of those who have recovered faster and better. I always make it a point to ask these patients, what was the key to your recovery? The answers patients gave me led me to develop this program is focused and creative practice.

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